Our art requirements and benchmarks are extremely stringent. We constantly search across the globe for the top specialists in art production, thereby allowing you to tap into their expertise and ensuring the best completion quality throughout the production pipeline. Whether it be concept, 2D art, or 3D art, our artists exhibit mastery across various art styles.

Our long-term and continuously improving training system empowers us to stay up-to-date with the best tools and technology in the industry. While we have established a solid foundation of successful past work, the Virtuos art teams continue to push the boundaries of imagination and quality.


Part of the Black Shamrock identity is routed in its creativity and thanks to our partnership with Virtuos we have been able to reach further and strive for more with our in-house efforts. Whether it is on our in-house RPG Project or studio wide game-jams, the creativity we work with is cultivated by the experience and passion that all our employees share.


Black Shamrock is a Virtuos studio and proudly maintains the group’s high standards in every partnership we have with AAA game studios. Our studio provides support in every department from art and animation to engineering and software development to sound and game design. We have an amazing and creative staff who have a true passion for gaming and a desire to put their skills and talents to the best possible work.


Take a look at the latest AAA titles that the team at Black Shamrock have contributed to.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Destroy All Humans

We provided support on the AI for the remake of the classic title Destroy All Humans.

Back 4 Blood

Our teams provided art and features for the amazing title from Turtle Rock Studios.


We were involved in the creative elements for Obsidian’s amazing survival video game Grounded.